Conference Reports

Conference Reports

SC13 in Denver is Here !

The annual Supercomputing show is here. This is the 25th year of the show and it looks to be another good year. First, and foremost, the 2013 BeoBash is scheduled for its usual time (Monday 18th, 9-midnight) get all the details here and don't forget to check out the "Physics of Spherical Newtonian Solids Smackdown" (aka pool tournament). There are prizes and two tracks, one for beginners, and one for experienced players.

Head Monkey, Doug Eadline will be speaking in the Scalable Informatics booth #1919 on Personal Big Data: The Apache Hadoop YARN Workstation and Beyond and demonstrating the Limulus personal cluster workstation running Apache Hadoop YARN (V2.2). The talks are scheduled for Tuesday: 5pm, Wednesday: 11am, Thursday: 1pm. The Limulus workstations, which by the way offer a remarkable $23/CPU-GFLOP, are now shipping from Basement Supercomputing. You can find some other benchmarks on the project page.

Check back soon! There will be more SC13 coverage as the week unfolds.

Scalable Informatics Storage Systems at SC12: Fast, Faster, Fastest

There is fast, then there is "Scalable Fast"

Scalable Informatics (SI) makes fast storage systems. How do we know they are fast? Because SI provides the numbers upfront directly from the command line in founder Joe Landman's blog; This year at SC12, SI was showing remarkable numbers, both in capacity and performance, for some of their products.

To give you an idea, consider the their JackRabbit JR4 60 unit. It is a 4U storage device that can hold up to 60 HDD's which translates in to 240 TB or data (that is just about a quarter petabyte of storage). In addition to high density, the system is specified at 7,000 MB/s read and write throughput. That works out to reading a 1 TB file in 144 seconds. You can see some real benchmark numbers on

Read more: Scalable Informatics Storage Systems at SC12: Fast, Faster, Fastest




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