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Harnessing GP-GPU Power The Easy Way

A Deep Dive Exploring The Portland Group's PGI Accelerator Model

The remarkable computation power of General Purpose Graphical Processing Units (GP-GPUs) has led them to steadily gain traction in High Performance Computing (HPC). But creating GP-GPU programs can require new programming methods that often introduce additional work and code revisions, or even re-writes, and frequently become an obstacle to the adoption of GP-GPU technology.

To help solve this problem The Portland Group (PGI) has introduced an elegant way to augment existing HPC applications, allowing them to run efficiently on GP-GPUs while still maintaining their original code structure using standard Fortran or C. This approach provides a rapid and low-investment method for programmers to investigate GP-GPU computing. Recently, The Portland Group announced improved versions of their compiler and development tools that further enhance the PGI Accelerator Model for GP-GPUs.

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