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Numascale Delivers Plug and Play SMP at SC12

Delivering big SMP performance at a cluster price Numascale

This year at SC12 Numascale, maker of low cost plug-and-play high performance shared memory systems, was showing performance numbers and some happy clients. For those that may not know, Numascale produces the NumaConnect adapter that provides plug-and-play connection of standard servers running a single un-patched OS version. Applications have fast access to the aggregate memory of all servers in the system using a hardware controlled ccNuma environment.

NumaConnect facilitates very large shared memory systems built from commodity servers at the price level of high-end clusters. This combination invites a new level of price/capability/performance that has never before been demonstrated using pure hardware. Systems built with NumaConnect run standard operating systems and all x86 applications.

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Aeon EclipseSL Wins "Best HPC Storage Product or Technology" at SC2012

Company reshaping Lustre storage design with their next generation Lustre Storage Appliance.

Aeon Computing has been awarded the 2012 HPCwire "Best HPC Storage Product or Technology" for their EclipseSL Lustre appliance that is the foundation of the 4 PetaByte Data Oasis storage system at San Diego Supercomputing Center (SDSC). The next generation system will push the Lustre storage performance even further.

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The Best Party In The Galaxy

You can panic if you want to

The 2012 Beowulf Bash is upon us. We have decided to take a page from one of our favorite book series, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and bring you The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Beowulf Bash. If you are attending SC12 in Salt Lake, then you are invited to the most popular HPC community event in the galaxy. The lead sponsors for this year are Adaptive Computing and Intersect360 Research. In addition, there are 22 other great sponsors who are supporting the event.

The party is a community event with plenty of music, fun, refreshments, and a free towel for the first 1000 attendees. As usual we will hold the event on Monday November 12 from 9PM-Midnight (after the Opening SC Gala). Be sure to check the Invitation Page for more information including some spot on Beowulf Bash Guide entries and a chance to talk to Shallow Thought. In case you miss it, there is long version of the guide here.

SC12: Not in Kansas Anymore

Taking a starship to Oz and other SC12 observations

SC12 LogoAt long last, let the SC12 coverage begin. As a general rule here at Cluster Monkey we like to get our trade show coverage done before next years event in 2013. More in depth coverage will be presented in separate articles, but for now I would like to share some personal highlights from the show.

First, as always the Beowulf Bash was a great success. Despite not giving the exact location until the week before, many of those still hungry and thirsty after the Opening Gala headed over to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy themed party at Clark Planetarium. (more details here). In addition, to a darn good time and a chance to touch base with HPC friends, the party is a testament to the power of community. Twenty three vendors came together to support a party that began back at SC99 with just beer and pretzels. My only regret was that I was talking so much I forgot to take pictures. Thanks again to the lead sponsors Intersect360 and Adaptive Computing

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SC11: Intel MIC (Knights Ferry) Interview

Back in November (yes, November) at SC11, I had a chance to sit down with Jim Ang, Technical Manager at Sandia National Laboratories in Appro's booth. Appro was gracious enough to allow me to interview Jim about his initial experiences with Intel's new Knights Ferry hardware and software. Similar to a GP-GPU from NVidia or AMD, Knights Ferry works in conjunction with a host server and is based on parallel x86 cores or the Intel MIC Architecture.

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